The purpose of the PEARLIZED MATHEMATICS CURRICULUM is to provide strong, well rounded, language-enriched mathematics foundations in KINDERGARTEN & GRADE 1, as set forth in the TEXAS ESSENTIAL KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS (TEKS)

Emphasis throughout the curriculum consists of:

·  Thorough, conceptual development of mathematics skills,

·  A hands-on approach to problem solving, as mandated by the State of Texas criteria. 

·  Vertical alignment to the STATE OF TEXAS ASSESSMENT OF ACADEMIC READINESS (STAAR) is clearly noted in the components addressed per grade level:

  •   KINDERGARTEN: Number & Operation Applications, Concepts, Enrichment, and Skills; 
  •   1st GRADE: Facts & Applications, Concepts, and Enrichment. 

The PEARLIZED MATHEMATICS CURRICULUM is a structured, comprehensive program which provides daily lessons in English, and black-line masters available in Spanish, with a variety of tools to explicitly develop foundations in mathematics. Children will be actively involved in:

  •   Communicating
  •   Researching
  •   Constructing
  •   Illustrating
  •   Acting out problem situations.

It is evident; however, that understanding takes time.  Children need that time utilized through multiple opportunities and experiences in a wide variety of contexts to construct the most effective means in acquiring that knowledge and understanding.  The components set forth in the PEARLIZED MATHEMATICS CURRICULUM will, undoubtedly, provide that "prime--ary" foundation for our children.



A child will not only become more confident with mathematics, but will discover their overall unique potential - academically and socially as well.